Essay on My Best Child and Student Friend


My greatest friend is the individual I can truly count on during my lifetime. My best friend is always there for me whenever I need assistance or support. We lived together with moments and formed memories that will stay in my lifetime.

Having one of Abdullah's greatest friends makes my life simpler. The first individual to come to my mind in any important scenario is my best friend. Whenever I'm in any issue, by offering the best alternatives, my best friend enables me to get out of the issue. When I do something incorrectly, my best friend gets upset and appreciates me when I do something.

Essay on My Best Child and Student Friend
Essay on My Best friend


Friendship in the lives of anyone is a wonderful blessing. During their life trip, an individual gets to know distinct individuals. Among these, we discover some who believe with comparable taste and nature in our wavelength. We become more attached to and spend more time with these kinds of individuals. Gradually a kind of connection develops that turns out in one's life to leave long-lasting impressions.

It is a sign of a good partnership, and from here the friendship begins. And friends are more or less family to most of us. You will have a lot of things in common with your colleagues. With your colleagues, you spent most of your day. You share with your friends anything and everything. In brief, those spent with the best mates will be the most memorable times in everybody's life.

I'm fortunate to have a friend from my college, Kajal, as my best friend even now. When I was five years old, I gained the best friend of my existence. I think she's the best thing that's ever occurred to me. As a powerful motivator, she's still there.

We were playing together, studying together, laughing together, sometimes crying together, growing up together, making incredible memories together, and lastly, when fourteen years of college life came to a halt, we bid farewell and divided our ways.


I have Ashutosh, my greatest friend ever in my life. He's a unique person in my life who helps me with all my difficulties. He's somebody that showed me the correct route. Even in his busy timetable, he always has time for me. He's my neighbor that's why even after college we get together. We go to a picnic together whenever we get a school holiday. Together with each other and the family, we appreciate our festival holidays. We go together to see and appreciate Ramlila fair in the Ramlila park. We always participate in the college in any extracurricular activity. At home, we enjoy playing cricket and carom. For me, he's more than a mentor because he always provides me the correct choices when I get into trouble.

He's so unique to me in my life; without him, I'll never do anything. He will always be in an excellent mood and will never compromise in the incorrect way. He always does the correct stuff and in the classroom he motivates each of us to do the same. Even in his hard moments, he always has a smiling face and never let his problems appear on his face. He's a nice counselor and enjoys explaining anything. He looks after his parents, grandparents and other members of his family. He always obeys them and other society's ancient individuals. I encountered him in the fifth grade for the first time and now we're in the same segment in the 8th standard.

Slowly, our friendship became the class talk and we gradually became our best friends. Even our educators have come to learn about it. But, thanks to everyone, no one ever attempted to distance us from each other as we complimented each other so perfectly that even our professors and parents were pleased about it. In reality, with class notes as well as homework, we used to assist each other if one of us was unable to attend college for any reason. We actually had this healthy competition in us as to who would be in the class first.

True friendship is the world's most valuable thing. Even though, sometimes it may be that you don't have a friend that you can call as your best friend. But if you can find someone like your best buddy, it's perhaps the world's biggest pleasure. No one else in the world can do the mutual understanding and honesty that your best friend can show. Indeed, a best friend in one's life is a precious gem.

We both have a common interest in table tennis apart from research. We both entered an academy and went together in the evenings for exercise. Maybe the only distinction in our habits was he was a left-handed individual while I was right-handed. But this was also a disguised blessing for us as it was precisely for this purpose that we created a nice team and were even chosen to play as a doubles squad in our college squad. We both won a lot of contests together and gave the college awards. This made us very proud of both our parents and school teachers.

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