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Here is a brief description of the sample implementation by parents for fee concession format for learners at universities, colleges, and schools.
Sample Fee Concession Application by Parents/Students | Worldbioco
Sample Fee Concession Application by Parents/Students
1.Fee concession application

The Principal,
S. M. Public School,
Nazimabad Karachi,


I implore you with due respect to granting me a complete fee concession.

My dad is a laborer and only 3,000 rupees are his monthly wage. We are three sisters and two siblings. Except for one, all are of age at school. My parents ' difficult work. They rarely spend any cash on themselves and even then find it hard to satisfy both ends. My dad wants to educate me, but he can't spend any cash on me and he's really sorry. My parents are very sad about this.

I'm a nice student. I was third in the last year's exam at my school. I'll never stay away from my school. I respect my professors, and they love me for sure. I take an active role in all of the school's operations. I hope you'll be kind enough to give me a fee concession and I assure you, Sir, that you'll assist a worthy kid with that.

Thanking you very much.
Yours most respectfully,
Anas Khan
Class 8

2.Fee Concession Application by Parents

The principle,
School/College Name…
School/College Address…

Sub: Application for Fee Concession

Respected Sir/Madam,

It is kindly indicated that at this School / College my younger son/daughter is studying and in the past terms, he/she has great grades. I'm really struggling to run my house as I'm the house's only working hand. Due to several factors, it becomes hard to pay my son/daughter complete charges, but one of the factors is fee-increment. (Display your real issue and situation). It's a modest request from a dad who dreams of a bright future for his son/daughter to offer a concession in the charges please so he can proceed with his studies without any hurdles.

I hope you will consider this application and will give a fee concession. I would be very thankful for this kindness.

Thank you!
Father of (Student’s name),

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