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My College ESSAY 1 (100 to 150 WORDS)

I start to think back on my very fresh experience as a fresh college student as I wrap up the first semester of my fresh college year. College life was completely a brand new experience between living in a dorm versus my cozy home and the sudden boost in independence. It was almost like living an entirely fresh life for me. I have always regarded myself versatile and adaptable, however, so the shift to dorm life was not as stressful to me as it might have been to my colleagues, which made it easier for me to concentrate on my research. Looking back at ENG 202, I now understand that while I'm versatile and coherent in taking on distinct literary ideas, my time management leaves a lot to be desired.

Because of my passion for languages and my desire to teach English as a foreign language, I chose the English major itself.
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My College ESSAY 2 (300 to 400 WORDS)

I always thought about my future, constructing a career, becoming a good individual and discovering my own route in life in general.

My school teachers have always observed that in topics such as mathematics and physics I have excellent skills. This improved my interest in accurate sciences, and I chose to link my future career with an activity region of technology, wishing to be successful in the future. And if I succeed, I'm going to pay my parents back for their warmth and loving tenderness, as they've been the ones that have supported me all my life.

That's why I've built a plan to achieve this long-term goal. By the plan I achieved some small goals: graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). I will obtain a specialist degree upon graduation, which international universities do not recognize owing to variations in the instructional structure of my country. But in one of the German universities, I want to continue my education. Then, for my Master's degree, I intend to join one of the best universities in the globe. I spent a lot of time looking and finally, among other colleges in Germany, I chose the Technical University of Cologne.

I felt pressured as a college student to choose what career path I wanted to pursue, but I didn't understand precisely what I wanted to do. I altered majors a few times before lastly shifting to Early Childhood Education, and I'm happy to have done so. Although I was pretty sure that by participating in my education class I had reached the correct choice, I was reassured for my field experience hours during volunteering. After going through my field hours of experience, I became a better teacher applicant because of the accumulated gains in inefficient learning features, learning techniques, and the links developed from class content to my field experience.

Notably, during my practical experience in the field, I discovered what the most efficient teacher features are. Some of the most effective features, for example, are establishing relationships with each student, being patient when learners don't comprehend, asking questions, letting students do the same, and giving various examples. At first, going to Brookwood Elementary I was a little overwhelmed. I was assigned to a group of students, given a schedule to follow, and told to take the different experiments to the students around the school.

My College ESSAY 1 (400 to 450 WORDS)

Daniel H Pink stresses that our world should move towards Motivation 3.0 and that we should become more individuals of type I than Type X. Pink indicates this because Motivation 3.0 and Type I both go with the three nutrients that we need to improve our world; autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Autonomy is the concept of self-determination, Mastery is the willingness to become better and better in something you like, and ultimately, aim gives life-energy activation. Pink reaffirms "For type I, the primary motivator is the enterprise itself's liberty, challenge, and purpose; any other benefits are welcome, but primarily as a bonus."  I agree with the three components in Motivation 3.0 and as well as with Type I, this is confirmed by my educational experience towards my career. I've had difficulties throwing my education and I know I'm going to keep having them, but I also know I have some liberty in the job I'm going to have to do. All this will assist me and a pre-school teacher in my career.

As Pink argues about Type I and Type X individuals, I can say that I can be Type X at some stage during my education. "Type Xs, the primary motive is internal benefits, any greater satisfaction is welcome but secondary, according to Pink.

I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with a career at first starting this class. I've been attempting to find out what would be best for me between two professions. The CIT career would be nice to learn something completely new and somehow relate it to the business at the same time. The problem I've had is trying to figure out what I'll do with it. During the first set of activities in this class, I learned what I really wanted in a job and what I could do without. My career must enable me to choose what I want to do to create what I want. My career must give me the opportunity to choose my own hours. Don't mistake me that I'm just going to work a little because I'm going to put around the clock in hours. What I mean with flexible hours is that I'll be able to work around it if something comes up. It must also enable me to demonstrate leadership and call shots. Things that aren't that essential but still hold significance are that on Sunday my job should allow me not to work. If I need to do this once in a while because there's no way around it, it's understandable.

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