Essay on Social Media: Effects, Importance, Advantages, Disadvantages

Social media ESSAY 1 (100 to 150 WORDS)

Social media positive negative impact

Social media enables society's social development and helps many companies as well. It offers instruments that can reach millions of prospective customers, such as social media marketing. Through social media, we can readily access data and get news. Social media is an excellent instrument to raise the consciousness of any social cause. Employers are able to reach prospective work seekers. Having social development and communication with the globe without having any hitch can assist many people. Many individuals make themselves heard by the greater officials using social media. It can also assist you to meet individuals like-minded.

Many physiatrists think that social media is one of the most common factors in individuals that causes depression and anxiety. It is also a cause of bad children's mental development. Increased social media use may result in bad sleep patterns. There are also many other adverse impacts, such as cyberbullying, body image problems, etc. There is a heightened' Fear of Missing Out' (FOMO) due to social media at an all-time high in youth.
Essay on Social Media: Effects, Importance, Advantages, Disadvantages
Essay on Social Media
Social media ESSAY 2 (200 WORDS)


Today platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are most commonly used by educators, professors, and students, and among them, they have become quite common. Social media plays a very significant role for a student as it makes accessing and sharing data simpler for them, getting responses, and connecting with educators. Students and educators can communicate with each other and share information by making excellent use of these platforms through social media platforms.

Social media Effects Student

Students are the most addicted and attracted individuals or targeted individuals through social media websites and applications. It's because they're spending more time online, sharing a range of material, and doing more than others chatting and social stuff. It is reported that most teenagers spend online on social media an average of 8 hours a day.

More than half of the population are social media addicts. I have seen in my circle that more than 50 + times in a single day individual are involved in social media. And in some instances, it is very useful for businesses in social media and also good for customers.

Improves Business Reputation

Just as it can destroy any reputation for the company, it can also enhance sales and reputation for the company. With sales and goodwill, positive remarks and sharing about a business can assist them. Because individuals are free to communicate what they want on social media, when good words are shared, it can have a positive effect.

Social media ESSAY 3 (300 TO 350 WORDS)

Social media impact on youth

Being on social networking sites these days is a fad. If you don't have a digital presence, you don't exist for some individuals. The ever-increasing pressure of being on social networking sites and having an impressive profile greatly affects the youth. An average amount of hours a teen spends online is 72 hours per week, according to statistics.

This is very high in view of having to offer time to study, physical activities and other useful activities such as reading, etc. It leaves very little time for other stuff and therefore there are severe problems arising from this such as the absence of attention span, minimal concentrate, anxiety, and complicated problems. We now have more virtual friends than true friends, and day by day we lose human link. Other risks are present, such as leaking private data to complete strangers, sex offenders, etc. There are certain beneficial impacts.

Social media Effects

Each instrument has its own share of social impacts. Likewise, social media is not far behind and has actually impacted our society to a greater extent, both positively and negatively. Furthermore, although it may sound strange, social media has also impacted people's health. There are different ways in which social media can affect your well-being. Individuals who are dependent on web-based networking media, for example, may experience negative symptoms such as eye strain, social withdrawal, or lack of rest. Also, if you spend your energy on social media to explore problems or struggle with people, you may experience pressure that may adversely influence your well-being.


To get assistance and giddiness, you can share your problems with the community. Whether it helps in terms of cash or advice, you can get it from the group with which you are attached.


You can encourage your company to the biggest crowd, whether you have an offline company or online. The whole world is open and capable of promoting you. This makes the companies profitable and less costly as most of the expenses incurred in a company are for advertising and promotion. This can be reduced by involving social media continuously and frequently to connect with the correct crowd.

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