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Sample essay on the personality of your Mother as a leader of your life and motivational personality for your growth.

My Favorite Personality Essay (1000 Words)

Every person has a favorite personality Like this I also have an favorite person. And My favorite personality is my mom. Mother is someone who cares for her offsprings, feeding and nurturing them, at times protecting them from external threats. The mother of a child is a perfect example of selfless devotion and love. To safeguard her baby or children, she could go through any quantity of penance.

Mother also functions as a mentor or guide, introducing her offspring to the globe while at the same moment ensuring that they are well. A mother's love understands no boundaries, and surprisingly pets also exhibit a powerful feeling of maternity. Sometimes the mother is also referred to as a lady who is not biologically linked to the kids, but still feeds and nurtures them.

Essay on My Favorite Personality My Mom | Worldbioco.Com
My Favorite Personality

Mother's role in our life is always distinct and valuable than others in our life. Of course, all day long, we are truly loved and cared for by our mothers. Instead of loving us with an open core, she never wants anything away from her children. We love and care for her from our heart as a child, but it is not possible to compare our love with her. Mother is unique in this globe in everybody's lives as a living goddess who always takes on all her child's pains and provides love and care.

She is the one who, during our illness and other bad days, spends her sleepless evenings. In our happy times, she gladly includes and knows everybody likes and dislikes. She's always leading us on the correct track and doing the correct stuff in life. She is our first teacher at every stage of life to teach us. She teaches us to be always disciplined, to act well, and to make us know our roles and obligations toward family, community, and nation.

Our mom is our life's most significant individual who always nurtures us as real nature. She is always with us and always cares for us. She carries us through loads of pain and discomfort in her womb for 9 months, but she is always pleased to think about us in her true life. Without complaining a little, she provides birth to us. Throughout our lives, we can never compare her real love and care, but we should always respect and love her. Every individual who has a mom in his or her life is fortunate and blessed with God's many blessings.

A mom is a very normal lady who never faces her children with her own joy. She always demonstrates and laughs her interest in all of our activities. She has an unselfish soul and a very kind heart filled with lots of love and care. She is a strong-willed lady who always teaches us how to face life's toughest difficulties. She always inspires us by overcoming all the hardships of life to accomplish nice things in our lives. She is the first teacher of all whose teachings throughout life are always proven to be important and useful.

A mom is everybody's first, foremost and best friend as nobody can be true and genuine like her. She is the one and only individual who, in all our good and bad times, is always with us. She cares and enjoys us in her life more than anyone else. She always provides us the first priority in her lives and in our bad times she provides us a glimpse of hope. The day we are born, more pleased than anyone else is our mum. She understands all of our reasons for happiness and sorrow and always seeks to create us happy.

There is a unique bond that can never be finished between a mom and her baby. A mom could never diminish her love and care for her children, and she always provides every child of her equal quantity of love and care, but we can never offer her a little love and care like her in her ancient era together. She never gets us wrong even then and forgives us like a little child. She knows our every activity and we can never readily fool her.

True love is another mother's name that can only have a mother. From the moment we come into her womb, she takes birth and she provides us tireless care and love throughout her existence in this globe. Nothing is valuable than a mom that God can bless one, so we should always be grateful to God. She is the incarnation of real love, care, and sacrifice. She is the one who, by providing birth to us, makes a house a nice home.

She is the one who begins our homeschooling and becomes our life's first and beautiful teacher. She teaches us lessons in behavior and true-life philosophies. From her womb and throughout our lives, she loves and cares for us from the presence of our life in this globe. After bearing much pain and struggle, she provides birth to us, but in turn, she always provides us, love. There is no such enduring, powerful, selfless, pure and dedicated love in this globe. She is the one who is our life creates lights by removing all the darkness.

Mother's significance could be readily recognized by the reality that' mom' is the first word spoken from a child's mouth. She is life's origin and the reason for our existence. She is the one who can happily sacrifice all in her life for the sake of the happiness of her child. She is a child's first teacher to introduce him to the globe and the first best friend we can share all our secrets with.

Moms are the cornerstone of every family that connects and unites the whole family into a single but strong entity. They offer us the trust to face the world and motivate us to make our lives a success. They are the only ones who will never have any ill ideas about their kids and will always pray and hope for the better. A good mother operates as a sculptor molding her kids into lovely, extremely appreciated and respected sculptures in society.

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